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Harmony Forge Sale

Norbert Sanchez  | Published on 3/20/2018

Dear fellow metalworkers,


   As most of you already know, I’ll be retiring at the end of this month.  I will be selling off my equipment on Friday and Saturday, April 6 & 7.  I’m having the silent auction on Friday so as not to conflict with the Saturday NMBA meeting.  My son, Sam, is keeping the best of the tools, but is only keeping the drill press from the large equipment. 


   A listing of what will be sold is attached to this letter.


   Due to intense interest and in the interest of fairness, I will be selling the large equipment through a silent auction process on thatFriday.  The shop doors will open at 8:00 AM on Friday morning.  Everyone will have an opportunity to come in, see what is available and commence bidding on the auction items. Silent auction bidding will continue through 1:00 PM that afternoon, at which time those tools will be sold.


    At 9:00 AM, everyone will be asked to step outside and then everyone will reenter at once.  You can then take two items with you outside and get in the line to pay Ward.  This gives everyone a chance to buy something.  In other words, from 8:00am to 9:00am decide what your priorities are because when you go back inside the 2nd time, many items will be gone!  This is the way NMABA handled the sale of Brother Bart’s tools, and I understand it was quite successful.  I’ve had many opportunities to sell these tools already, but I want to give everyone a fair chance to get something they’d like from my 42 year collection of tools.  Please respect both the rules and my intent!


     I’ll hope to see you during the sale days.  Please let me know if you have any questions, and please, no requests for early sales.  Thanks very much,  Ward


Ward Brinegar

36 Spruce, Santa Fe, NM  87508-8658

)   505-603-2391 (mobile)


Tools that will be sold at silent auction, Friday, April 6, bidding ending at 1:00pm or 1 minute after the last bid was entered.  Any bids entered after 1:00pm must be 10% above the last bid.  You can pickup anytime in the next 7 days, heavy jib crane available to help load on your trailer or truck.  50% deposit required on Friday when the auction closes, remainder on pick-up.

50# Little Giant Power Hammer, with drawing and flat dies, 2 shop built dies for tenons, 3 shop build dies for hand rail chamfering, shop built brake, $2500 minimum.

24 ton shop-built press from ABANA plans, plus 10 sets of paired dies and other specialty dies, $2500 minimum.

Ellis Model 1800 metal cutting band saw.  Features rotating head for angle cuts, 9” round capacity. Plus 2 roller stands, $1500 minimum.

4’ x 8’ x 1 ½” thick welding/layout table on heavy casters, with 1 drawer.  $750 minimum

6” diameter x 1” thick welding/layout table on heavy casters.  1 flat side, $250 minimum.

24” deep gas forge with ribbon burner and electric blower.  Comes with steel framework and sheet metal vent hood. Front and back doors.  Plus 12’ of new 1” blanket insulation and miscellaneous fire bricks. $750 minimum.

Coal forge.  Heavy cast iron tuyere iron.  Electric blower. On steel framework with tong rack.  Includes vent hood with 12” diameter chimney pipe and electric exhaust fan.  $750 minimum.

2 x 5” leg vises, 5” jaws, $100 ea. Minimum

Lincoln “Miniflex” Welding fume exhaust vacuum system.  $300 minimum.

Logan lathe, model 825.  10” x 3’ bed with cabinet.  3 and 4 jaw chucks. Left and right tool holders.  $1250 minimum

Heavy shop built ring roller, on wheels, $200 minimum.

Shop Outfitters ring roller, 3/8” x 2” capacity, 10” diameter, $200 minimum.

Oxy-propylene torch set.  Includes cart, regulators, hoses, cutting and rosebud tips, automatic shut-off valve on separate rolling stand.  Bottles not included. $400 minimum.

B-3 Beverly shear, $350 minimum.  

Treadle hammer, shop built, $200 minimum bid.

Other items for sale

50’ 220 extension cord

6K Peddinghaus sledge

36” shop refrigerator

Mica sheets for light fixtures

Approximately 30” roll of 3’ wide fire screen material

New steel, some odd sizes, at 2/3 retail

Approximately 200# of wrought iron, 50 cents/pound

Steel rack for 20’ lengths

50 gallon oak barrel for a slack tub

3 wooden shelf units, 7’ tall, heavy, well-made

Steel rack for 5’ lengths with attached steel cubbyhole unit for 12-15” pieces

Large bowl-making die

Some tongs, set tools, anvil tools and hammers

Many assorted waterjet cut parts

Many unfinished forgings

10” disc grinder

Dayton 2” belt sander with 5” disc grinder, on wooden stand

Dayton 6” bench grinder

8” Delta bench grinder

Dremel tool

Milwaukee 7” Grinder

Milwaukee Heavy-duty 6” circular saw, worm gear drive

Milwaukee Heavy ½” drill

Milwaukee 3/8” angle drill

Many scroll jigs

Curtain hardware and jigs

Heavy wooden work bench, 10’ x 20” with leg vise mount at one end, 2 drawers.

Heavy wooden work bench, 43” x 19” with ¼” plate top with one drawer.

Tumbler for polishing small parts

5 closed die swages

Lots of screws and bolts

Drill bit cabinet with many bits.

Many other items too numerous to mention.